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Project Management

Lesson Learn

Quotation Management

Project Planning

Project Reviews

Tool Follow up

General Buying Management

PPAP ve Project File Manager

Deviation Management

Reminder And Escalation System


AIAG VDA FMEA-Control Plan Management

Flow Chart

Both AIAG-VDA FMEA And Previous FMEA

Design / Process FMEA

Specific / Generic FMEA

Foundation FMEA

Control Plan

Lesson Learn

Error Proofing


Linkage Between Flow Chart, FMEA, Control Plan

Reverse FMEA


Engineering Change Management

Customer / Internal / Supplier Request Form

Feasibility Study

Risk Analysis

Internal Approval

Customer Approval

Planning and Action Management

Check / Review of Document List


Lesson Learned

SOP & Transfer To Serial

Reminder and Escalation System


Task Management

Creating Planning Action

Action Assignation

Requesting Root Causes

Action Cost Calculating

Acton Performance Calculating

Action Effectiveness Approval

Organizing Meeting

Reminder and Escalation System


Document Management

Document Management

Integrated Online Office

Controlled Copy Printing

Relation With Process and Other Documents

Process Management

Key Performance Indicator

Reminder And Escalation System

Problem Solving Management

Customer Complaint

Internal Complaint

8D with Duration and Cost

Reclamation Management

Corrective And Predictive Actions

Relation With FMEA

Reminder And Escalation System

Audit Management

Internal Audit

Supplier Audit

Customer Audit

Root Cause Analyses

Reminder And Escalation System


Risk Management

Process Risk Management

Safety Risk Management

Environment Risk Management

Other Risk Management

Risk Revision Follow-up

Risk Pool

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

SPC Selection

Variable SPC Chart

Attribute SPC Chart

Compatibility with Wifi/bluetooth Devices

Customizable Alarm System

Laboratory Management

Calibration management

Layout Inspection Management

Test Follow-up Management

Test Work Order and Work Load

Reminder And Escalation System

Personnel Competency Management

Survey Management

Training Management

Skill Matrix And Training Needs

Polyvalence Matrix

Suggestion Management

Reminder and Escalation System

Personnel Affair

Personnel Request And Evaluation

Personnel Documents Follow-Up

Personnel Debit Management

Vacation Management

Overtime Management

Expenses Management

Vehicle Reservation

Announcement and Celebration

Reminder and Escalation System

Supplier Management

Supplier Complaint

Supplier Evaluation

Supplier Risk Analysis

Approval Supplier List

Supplier Contract

Supplier Debit

Supplier Certification Follow-up

Reminder and Escalation System

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Planning Management

Work Order

Work Instruction (Check List)

Maintenance Cost Calculating

Breakdown Management

Stock And Warehouse Management

Spare Parts Requirements

MTBF, MTTR, Reporting

Reminder and Escalation System


Online Report

Prepared Ready Reports

Create Your Reports

Ability to Create List and/or Graph

Create Unlimited Reports

Create Your Presentation

Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned Pool

Relation with Problem Solving

Relation with Change Management

Relation with Improvement Management


You can combine all the QMAD templates into a single one, you can take a component from the Application theme and use it in the Website.

  • PC, Tablet, Mobile Compatibility
  • ERP Integration
  • Multilingual
  • Embedded office applications
  • Rich reporting, report generating
  • Start in short period
  • Web based
  • Customizable
  • Responsive

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